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Top Desert accomodation

FABULOUS DESERT CAMP is luxury desert camp situated in the heart of the moroccan sahara desert in the depth of erg chebbi dunes, where Desert visitors can have an exceptional stay in a luxury private tent, Our tents are well equipped once you choose to stay in our camp note that you will get privatis e tent with hot water, Great Wifi  in addition to comfortable mattresses.

Fabulous Desert Camp  Was built by an authentic Berber family who used to Live a nomadic life in the arms of  the Sahara desert  and that means living a life that mixes between Desert Souls and Desert landscapes, therefore living every moment in the Desert made us addicted of exploring and traveling and that  inspired us to share the Beauty and magic of our area with every desert visitor by providing Travelers A unique space in the Desert  to enjoy authentic desert experiences by feeling the calmness of the desert and forgetting about Stress Of crowded cities, Desert is always waiting for travelers from all over the world To make them Live unforgettable Experiences that will make you think that you hadn’t enough time in the desert  with intentions of coming back while you did not leave the desert yet. 

   Our Camp is your second home

Fabulous Desert Camp is not only a desert accomodation but known also as one of the best places to enjoy many interesting Desert activities such as Quad bike tour,Camel Riding Trips,Jeep Desert Tours,Days Trekking,Horses Riding, Sandboarding, Day Picnic, Buggies Adventures,in addition to Customized Morocco Tours

What We Offer?

Quad Bike Tour

Quad Bike Trip to Eplore the Depth of Merzouga Desert.

Quad bike trip into the dunes

Camel Riding Experience

Taking Camel riding trip to see An impressive Sunset Or Sunrise Camel tour  is the most enjoyable Experience for Those travelers who like Authentic Experiences.


Jeep Desert Tour

Desert Tour to visit the outskirts of Merzouga Desert And see the most interesting atrractions ,International Cars musuem,black village of Khamlia,Old frensh Town,nomadic tribes, Desert oasis


Buggy Desert Tour

Buggy Desert trip typically involves riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) off-road, usually through Sand Dunes or any other natural terrain. Buggy tours  can be a fun and exciting way to explore Desert depth, offering a sense of adventure and a chance to see unique sights that may not be accessible by Normal cars or by foot


KTM Moto Bike Tour

Enjoy this Unique Desert Experience While you are in  Merzouga Desert  by Doing Hours tours Or Even several days tours Across Morocco

Moto  Bike Tour can be a great way to explore and enjoy the desertic Areas  or even for long days Tours to Experience diferrent Lands.They are designed to handle rough and uneven terrain, and can provide an exciting way to traverse sandy dunes and explore remote areas. When riding an ATV in the desert, it is important to take proper safety precautions such as wearing a helmet, protective clothing, and following all local laws and regulations. Additionally, it is important to be aware of potential hazards such as hidden rocks or obstacles, and to avoid riding in areas that are environmentally sensitive or protected.

 in genenral, riding a Moto Bike in the desert can be a thrilling and memorable experience when done responsibly and safely.


Sandboarding Experience

Sandboarding is an exciting way to explore and enjoy desert enviromentts.Note you dont need any previous Experience to participate in the activity

Sandboard in Merzouga

Horse Riding Experience

we have also horse riding experienc,the most authentic experience that will allow you to experience riding the horse in the most amazing golden dunes in Merzouga


Desert Hiking

We offer you also an amazing hiking into merzouga desert with an authentic Berber Guide to explore this sand ocean deeply with its charming dunes and its oasises,desert hiking can be arranged for few hours or even for several days to have a chance to see the hidden magical places



Our company has customized morocco tours,in which you will explore all parts  of morocco, We have both options Morocco Group tours and private tours in additions to day excursions in all moroccan cities

Why to book with us

1. if you are already in merzouga desert and you wanna plan your desert trip you can give us a visit in our office With an advanced appointment by email or whatsapp.we would be hapy to assist you

 Also we are available on Email contact us to help you plan your trip.  

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