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jeep desert tour is a popular and one of the most enjoyable ways to explore Morocco’s stunning Saharan desert landscapes, next to the town of Merzouga. It is a 4×4 ride with an experienced driver and guide, who will take you on an exciting adventure through the which You will see some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the Sahara, that are spread over vast and almost endless amounts of golden sand dunes.  
Therefore The jeep desert tour begins at the meeting point, from where you will be taken to the A Cars Museum, so you can take a look at some of many different types of cars owned by one man. 
after that The next attraction during jeep desert tour is to the Black Village called Khamlia, known for its rich cultural heritage in addition music, deeply rooted in the history of the region, that dates back to the 18th Century. The village was founded by a group of Gnawa people, the descendants of West African slaves who were brought to Morocco during the Trans-Saharan slave trade. During our short stop and tea break in the village, our clients have the opportunity to listen to the unique type of music known as Gnawa music, that Gnawas were able to preserve for the next generations.  
 after all visiting these nice places ,The Jeep desert tour will then continue to a past  old Paris-Dakar Rally route and head towards the mountain, which offers an impressive panorama overlooking the dunes.  
The next stage of the jeep deser tour is the Old French Town with its remnants from the time of colonization and the final part is the Black Desert, where you can see the authentic way of life of the Nomadic families, the inhabitants who live there to this day.   
Stops and tea breaks will be organized according to our guests


Important Details

The Tour Inludes Visits To:
Things To Know before travelling to Merzouga desert Morocco
Gnawa music
nomadic family
Visit to Nomads
Black Desert
Transfer from Errachidia to Merzouga
Desert Oasis
Cars museum during desert tour
Cars Museum
desert tour
Panoramic views Place
Tour Details

Note Our desert tours can  start anywhere in merzouga regarding to Your request and also Can be arranged from 1 Hour to full day or even for many days. 

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