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Motorcycle ktm tours in Merzouga Desert known as one of the best Desertic Activities and here we created a tour plan for every Potential Desert visitor

If you’re planning a ktm tour in Merzouga, Morocco, here is a suggested itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in Merzouga

  • after you Arrive in Merzouga and check into your hotel or campsite.
  • You will then Meet Us and go over the details of your motorcycle ktm tour.
  • Then Take a short training session to learn how to operate the KTM and get familiarized with the route.
  • Explore the village of Merzouga.

Day 2: Merzouga Desert

  • Start your KTM adventure and ride through the sandy trails of the desert while enjoying the stunning views of the dunes and the surrounding landscapes.
  • Take breaks at regular intervals to rest,hydrate and capture the scenic views in your camera.
  • Stop at a local village to learn about the Berber culture and traditions, and have a cup of tea with the locals.
  • Continue your ride and make your way towards the towering sand dunes of Erg Chebbi.
  • Once you reach the dunes, park your KTM and trek up to the top of the dunes to witness the breathtaking sunset over the desert.
  • Descend the dunes and head back to your accommodation.

Day 3: Merzouga and surroundings

  • Today you will be Exploring the area around Merzouga on your MOTO KTM.then visiting places like the Desert Oasis, the village of Khamlia, and the fossil Mountains Around Merzouga.
  • After that you will Then Stop at a local restaurant to enjoy a traditional Moroccan lunch.
  • after that Ride back to Merzouga and enjoy the rest of the day at leisure

Note: This is just a suggested itinerary, and you can customize it according to your preferences and time constraints. Make sure that we have organized motorcycle ktm tours from single Day to several days tour



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