3-day Merzouga horse riding tour

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A 3-day Merzouga horse riding tour offers an immersive exploration of the breathtaking Merzouga Desert. This adventure typically includes guided horse riding excursions, visits to desert oases, cultural experiences with nomadic families, and the chance to witness mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets over the expansive dunes. Accommodations in a desert camp, delicious meals showcasing local cuisine, and the opportunity for activities like sandboarding may also be part of this enriching journey.


The most favorite Places to visit around merzouga Desert While doing horseback rding 

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Day 1 > Visit khamlia > Old French town> Nomadic Families > Merzouga Desert Camp

On the first day, we will embark on our horseback riding adventure around the Merzouga Desert. Our journey includes a stop at Khamlia Village for lunch, featuring Berber pizza. Following this, we’ll resume our horseback riding exploration in the desert. Our Merzouga tour itinerary includes a visit to the Gnawa place, where we’ll savor tea accompanied by captivating Gnawa music.

Afterwards, we’ll traverse an old route of the Dakar race and explore an old French town that housed French residents during colonization. Amidst the historical backdrop, we’ll encounter old ruins. Continuing our excursion, we’ll visit nomadic families residing near the borders, pausing to immerse ourselves in their cultures.

Our day will conclude at a campsite beneath the starry skies. Upon reaching the camp, you’ll find your tent equipped with private bathrooms. Before settling in, you’ll have the opportunity to relish a breathtaking sunset and engage in sandboarding. As night falls, a delectable dinner awaits, accompanied by the warmth of a fire and lively music. After the festivities, you can rest in preparation for the following day. The night and dinner, coupled with breakfast, promise a luxurious and unforgettable experience.

Day 2 > Visit Black rocky Desert

On the second day of our horse riding expedition in the Merzouga Desert, you will awaken to witness the breathtaking sunrise. Following this serene start, a delicious breakfast awaits you. Subsequently, we’ll resume our horse riding journey, venturing into the Black Desert and exploring rocky mountains that dot the landscape.

Our next destination is a desert camp, where a satisfying lunch will be served, providing a moment to rest and recharge for the upcoming adventures. Later in the day, we’ll proceed to witness the mesme rizing sunset over the vast expanse of the biggest dunes.

After absorbing the natural beauty, we’ll return to the camp where you will spend the night. An evening filled with dinner under the stars awaits, followed by a restful night’s sleep. The next morning, you’ll be treated to a delightful breakfast, setting the stage for another day of exploration in this captivating desert landscape.

Day 3 > Visit Oasis > return to Merzouga Village

Following a delightful breakfast, our Merzouga horse riding 3 days desert tour enters its next phase. We’ll delve deeper into the desert landscape, exploring enchanting oases that provide a perfect backdrop for tea breaks. Continuing our journey, we’ll navigate through the mesmerizing sand dunes, immersing ourselves in the unique beauty of the surroundings.

As our exploration unfolds, we will gradually make our way back to Merzouga, reflecting on the memorable experiences and breathtaking sights encountered during our horse riding adventure in this captivating desert Land.


what is included in a horse riding trip in Merzouga

Desert Camps

Overnight stays in a desert camp or accommodations with tents, and possibly amenities like private bathrooms.

Experiencing riding the horses

guided horse riding tours through the captivating Merzouga Desert, traversing diverse landscapes and discovering the allure of various attractions along the way.charcoal ethical keytar tilde tumeric lumbersexual food truck narwhal.


Meals, encompassing breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are likely to be part of the package, allowing participants to indulge in the flavors of local cuisine or enjoy specially crafted meals designed for the duration of the journey.

sandboarding in Merzouga desert

Optional activities like sandboarding, which is included as part of travel

our Desert activities in Merzouga 

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Merzouga Horse riding 3 days tour
horse riding merzouga
3-day Merzouga horse riding tour
3-day Merzouga horse riding tour

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