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6 Days Tour in Morocco Itinerary from Casablanca Overview

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Morocco’s 6 Days The road trip starts from Casablanca. and lead you on a journey to some of this stunning nation’s most amazing locations. We will tour three of the royal cities on the first day; Marrakech will come later. We journey from Casablanca to Fes through Rabat and Meknes while taking in the sights and sounds of these vibrant cities. We are going to the Hassan II Tower and the Udayas Kasbah in Rabat. We pay a brief visit to Meknes and show you what this city has to offer. A local tour guide will accompany you while you explore Fes on the second day. We continue our journey to the Merzouga Desert on the third day, traveling through the lovely Ifrane.the Ziz Valley and the Cedar Forest. The landscape’s stunning natural splendor will astound you.

On the fourth day, you’ll go on an expedition through the Sahara and get to see the desert in its full beauty. You’ll be inspired and invigorated by this remarkable adventure. On our 5th day, we travel to Bomalen Dades, stopping at Rissani and Todgha Gorges along the route. Although the environment is incredibly breathtaking, you will feel honored to have the chance to see it for yourself. On the final day of the journey, we travel to Marrakech through the Tizi Ntichka Pass, Ouarzazate, the Rose Valley, and Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah. It’s a suitable conclusion to an amazing vacation that will make you feel appreciative that you had the chance to travel to such a stunning and unique country as Morocco.


6 Days Tour in Morocco Itinerary from Casablanca

⇒Day 1: Casablanca To Rabat » Meknes » Fes

On the 1th day of our 6 Days  Tour in Morocco Itinerary from Casablanca After breakfast today, we begin our 6-day itinerary for Morocco from Casablanca by traveling to Rabat, the country’s capital and one of its four royal sites. We go to the Hassan Tower, Mohammed V’s tomb, and the old Kasbah of Oudaya, which is complimented by a tiny Andalusian-looking village with a medieval appearance. The Bou Regreg, Morocco’s longest river, may be seen from up here in a beautiful panorama. We are currently traveling south to Meknes and eventually Fes. We dropped you off at your riad in Fes for the night after arriving there in the afternoon.


⇒ Day 2: Sightseeing tour in fes with a Local Guide

After breakfast, your local guide will pick you up from your Riad to begin the day’s city tour. And start your tour of this historically significant city, complete with its massive city walls and commanding golden gate that leads to the royal palace. You will go to the tanneries, the Medersa Al Attarine, the Nejjarine Fountain, and al-Qarawyn, likely the world’s oldest university. Of course, the medina with its winding lanes, spice markets, Berber carpets, local handicrafts, and much more is also on the itinerary. Return to your riad for the evening after eating at a typical neighborhood eatery for lunch.


⇒ 3th Day : Fes » Ifrane » Cedar Forest » Midelt » Ziz Valley » Merzouga

in the 3th day of our 6 days Morocco travel from casablanca We depart early today. We have a lengthy drive to Merzouga. Due to their rich foliage, the locations we travel through will resemble Europe more than the Moroccan desert. The highway continues to ascend and passes through the Moroccan Switzerland. Green (or white during the winter). The modified Alpine-style homes seem out of place. Here, even cows are common (camels are not). The trip through Ifrane National Park, home to one of the biggest Moroccan cedar forest, will be the highlight. If we’re lucky, we’ll run into the renowned Barbary macaques, which have traveled all the way to Gibraltar.


Although feeding is permitted here, caution is still advisable. We go through the Middle Atlas region of the Atlas Mountains once more, pausing not only for a snack but also for brief rests at breath-taking vantage spots. After that, we continue our descent to Erfoud or Merzouga on the opposite side of the Alps. We’ll stop in Erfoud to a factory that uses local fossil findings to create useful items and jewelry. Following that, we will transport you to your hotel or a camp in the desert right next to the Sahara. The first golden sand dunes are already growing behind your hotel. You can ride a camel to watch the sun set over the sand dunes. Bring your camera if you want to record this priceless occasion.



⇒ Day 4: Merzouga Desert Excursion Visit Nomads, Gnawa, Old Fensh town,Old route of Dakar Race

We continue the 6 Days in Morocco Itinerary  today after a lengthy Moroccan breakfast of exquisite sweets, tajine dishes with eggs, fresh still-warm bread, and olives. We’ll take you directly across the dunes and show you the enormous plains known for their fossil discoveries and the former coal mines used to make eyeliner. We visit the Gnawa musicians to learn about their history while listening to drum patterns that date back thousands of years.

Under their customary tent, which is a hand-woven dark wool structure, you will enjoy tea with true nomads. And try a Madfouna, the renowned Berber pizza that may also be made over a fire, in a local eatery to experience the flavor of Berber food. Once more, you have the afternoon. Time to unwind or go exploring on your own in the sand dunes. If you wish to try your luck, the hotel’s staff will be pleased to lend you a surfboard. Dinner and a room in a hotel or camp Up to you.



⇒ Day 5: Merzouga Desert» Rissani Souk » Todgha Gorges » Bomalen Dades

following a leisurely breakfast, we’ll come pick you up. Onwards we go to Bomalen Dades keeping  our Morocco trip from casablanca . We are currently traveling along the Road of 1,000 Kasbahs, which provides insight into how significant and occasionally contentious the old trading route along the river oasis was. Our path is bordered to the right and left by old towns or half-ruined castles (kasbahs). We come across broad oasis valleys and strange rock structures.

First, we pause at the Todgha Gorge, which is situated at 1550 meters above sea level. It starts in the Berber town of Tinghir, which is situated in the foothills of the High Atlas. It’s amazing to see how high the rock cliffs soar in this small gorge filled with bubbling, pristine water. Before transporting you to your lodging in Bomalen Dades, we’ll also make a quick stop at the Dades Gorge.

⇒Day 6: Boamlen Dades » Ouarzazate » Ait Benhaddou » Tizi n’tichka » Marrakech

We make the trip back to Marrakech today. But there is still a lot to discover in the meantime. The Valley of the Roses is a part of our route. Herbal fans’ hearts will beat quicker here because of the local offerings. Rose cologne. Soap. Body lotion. Here, you may buy everything for a fair price, including the rare essential oil.


We will head to the Moroccan film town of Ouarzazate. Our next visit is the appropriately named “Ksar Aît Benhaddou” (Ksar = settlement). Many well-known movies, including most recently “The Game of Thrones,” have already used this lovely and still-original location in old clay building as a backdrop. It now ascends once again high above the Atlas Mountains. Before descending once more to the plain leading to Marrakech, we pause at the 2260 m high Tizi-n-Tichka (Tizi (Berber) = pass) and take in the breath-taking view. At the conclusion of our 6 Days in Morocco Travel Itinerary, we will transfer you directly to your hotel/riad or the airport depending on your departure,and here our Casablanca to marrakech 6 days Tour finishes.


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