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Best Desert Experiences in merzouga desert

Merzouga desert is a vast, sandy desert located in southeastern Morocco, near the town of Merzouga. It is part of the greater Sahara desert, which spans across several countries in North Africa. Merzouga desert is famous for its stunning sand dunes, which can reach up to 150 meters in height and are a popular destination for tourists seeking to experience the desert landscape and culture.

The Merzouga desert is home to several nomadic tribes, and visitors can immerse themselves in the traditional Berber way of life by staying in one of the many desert campsites. Activities in the Merzouga desert include camel rides, sandboarding, stargazing, and exploring the nearby oases and villages.

Overall, the Merzouga desert offers a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers seeking to explore the beauty and culture of Morocco’s desert region.   

                                                                                              Take a look on desert  activities,that you can do in  merzouga desert

Things To Know before travelling to Merzouga desert Morocco

Fabulous Desert Camp offers a wide variety of desert activities, that can provide a unique and unforgettable experience. Here are some of the best desert activities to do in Morocco

A Camel Trekk or Camel Ride in Moroccan desert is a popular a famous activity. where travelers can explore the desert landscapes of the country on the back of a camel. The trek usually involves riding camels through the Sahara Desert of Merzouga, which is one of the largest and most famous deserts in the world.

Camel treks in Merzouga Desert can range from short one-hour rides to multi-day expeditions, and can include visits to remote villages, camping in the desert, and experiencing the local Berber culture. Many tours also offer the opportunity to watch the sunset over the desert, and to see the stars at night, which can be a magical and unforgettable experience.

Camel trekking was  traditional way of traveling in Morocco, and few local Berber communities still rely on camels for transportation and trade. By taking a camel trek in Morocco, travelers can experience this traditional way of life, and gain a deeper understanding of the local culture and history.


By taking a camel trek in Merzouga Desert, You can experience this Unique Activity while gaining a deeper understanding of the local culture and feeling the calmness of this fabulous land. To book a camel trekk and Get plan details ClickHere. Or book it directly

Merzouga is a popular destination in Morocco for quad bike adventures. Located in the southeast of the country, Merzouga is home to the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, which are among the largest in the world.

Quad bike tours in Merzouga. usually start from the town or nearby village and take you through the surrounding desert landscape, which is characterized by towering sand dunes, rocky terrain, and barren plains. These tours can last from one hour to a full day or more, depending on your preference and time availability.

One of the highlights of quad biking in Merzouga is the opportunity to experience the desert sunrise or sunset from the top of a sand dune, which is a truly unforgettable experience. Some tours also include visits to nearby nomad villages, where you can learn about traditional Berber culture and way of life.

If you plan to go on a quad bike trip in Merzouga, make sure you are in the right place. We provide safety gear and follows all safety guidelines. Additionally, it’s important to respect the local environment and wildlife, and to avoid damaging the fragile ecosystem of the desert.

Quad bike trip into the dunes
Quad buke trip into the dunes

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Jeep Desert Tour

A Jeep desert tour in Merzouga desert can be a thrilling and unforgettable experience. Merzouga is a small town located in southeastern Morocco where many berber families live, Merzouga  known for its stunning sand dunes that reach up to 150 meters high.

During the tour, you can explore the desert landscape, admire the stunning scenery, and experience the traditional Berber culture.


Some of the highlights of a Jeep desert tour in Merzouga include visiting the Erg Chebbi dunes, which are the largest sand dunes in Morocco. You can also explore the local villages, meet with the nomadic Berber tribes, and learn about their customs and way of addition to visiting the largest cars musuem in the southeast of Morocco, The next visit will be to khamlia,known for the Gnawa music,kind of art that comes from the middle african coutries, it is a spiritual music that touches the soul.The a visit to an old frensh town by passing into an old route of dakar races,visit to th hugest mountain in the area that has impressive panoramic views overlooking to the sand dunes.

Desert tours can be arranged from few hours to full day tour or even for several days Tour to see as much as possible of The Sahara Desert.



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Buggy Desert Tour

The buggy tour in Merzouga usually lasts for 1-3 hours or even more   and is led by Our experienced guides who will ensure your safety and provide you with interesting information about the desert and its inhabitants. No prior experience is required to participate in the tour, as the buggies are easy to drive and the guide will provide you with instructions. 

During this buggy desert tour, you will ride through the sand dunes, stop for photo opportunities, and enjoy the beautiful views of the desert landscape. You will also have the opportunity to visit a nomadic family who live in the desert and experience their way of life.

Overall, a buggy tour in Merzouga is a fun and exciting way to explore the desert and experience the unique culture of the region.

buggy tour

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KTM Moto Bike Tours

A KTM moto bike trip in Merzouga typically involves riding a KTM motorcycle through the Erg Chebbi dunes in the Sahara Desert near Merzouga, a small town in southeastern Morocco.

Merzouga is a popular starting point for KTM moto trips into the desert, as it is located close to the impressive Erg Chebbi dunes, which rise up to 150 meters tall and offer a stunning landscape for riders to explore.

During a KTM moto trip in Merzouga, riders can experience the thrill of riding through the sand dunes, navigating tricky terrain, and taking in the breathtaking views of the desert. The trips are usually guided by our  experienced Local Guides who know the area well and can help ensure the safety of all participants.

In addition to riding, KTM moto trips in Merzouga can also include camping in  in our luxury desert camp, experiencing local Berber cultures. This unique activity can include from one hour to several days touring,it is up to our Adventurers preference.

Overall, a KTM moto trip in Merzouga desert can be an unforgettable adventure for experienced riders looking to explore the beauty and challenges of the desert.

fes desert tour
moto ktm trip in morocco

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sandboard experience in merzouga

A sandboarding trip in Merzouga, Morocco is an exciting adventure that involves gliding down the soft sand dunes on a board, similar to snowboarding on snow. Merzouga is a small town located in the Sahara Desert and is known for its beautiful sand dunes that can reach heights of up to 150 meters.

To book a sandboarding trip in Merzouga, you can contact us  in advance or upon arrival. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment, including sandboards and safety gear, and guide you through the sand dunes.

Before you start your sandboarding adventure, your guide will give you a brief lesson on how to balance and control the board on the sand. Once you feel comfortable, you can start to ride down the dunes, feeling the wind in your face and the sand beneath your feet.

A sandboarding trip in Merzouga can be a half-day or full-day activity, depending on your preference. In addition to sandboarding, you can also enjoy camel rides, hiking, and camping in the desert.

It’s important to note that sandboarding can be physically demanding, so it’s recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes and bring plenty of water and sunscreen. It’s also important to follow your guide’s instructions and safety guidelines to ensure a fun and safe experience.To book the Experience Contact us

Horse ride trips

Merzouga is a small village located in southeastern Morocco, famous for its beautiful desert landscapes and sand dunes. One of the most popular activities to do in Merzouga is a horseback ride through the desert.

During your horse ride in Merzouga, you will have the opportunity to experience the vastness and silence of the desert, as well as to connect with nature and the local culture. You can also take a break and enjoy a traditional Moroccan tea or a meal in a Bedouin tent.TO BOOK this trip contact us

Horsebackride in merzouga

Desert Hiking

Merzouga is famous for its massive sand dunes and Sahara desert scenery. There are several options for hiking and exploring the area around Merzouga For those who prefer hiking, there are several options for exploring the area around Merzouga on foot. You can take a guided hike through the desert, either for a few hours or for a longer multi-day trek. The terrain can be challenging, but the views are well worth the effort, with stunning desert vistas and the opportunity to see wildlife such as  desert foxes wild camels….To book such an amazing hiking trip contact us

desert hike
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